This new business idea is either a really, really good one or a really really bad one. I'm thinking, for now, it's probably brilliant!

If you've ever been the person in traffic, flipping off the driver in front of you because they just weren't going fast enough for you; If you went to the drive-thru at your favorite fast food restaurant and told them off because they switched from Pepsi to Coke products; If you are no longer friends with your best friend because of opposing political views, or if you just lost your mind because your favorite team just lost in the playoffs... I might have just the thing for you.

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Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash
Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash


Have you ever heard of Wreckit Rage Room?

Wreckit Rage Room, based in Savage, Minnesota, is a place where you can go when you are stressed to the max. You can schedule time at the Wreckit Rage Room and spend time screaming, shouting, and smashing everything in sight. Sounds good right? You don't even have to clean up after yourself; you can be everything your Mom said you couldn't in a safe environment, where no one is going to get hurt.

Make a plan to visit with your stressed-out Co-Workers, or just head there when you've had the worst day of your life.


You can go to their website and browse their library of smashable items and choose what you'd like to smash. You might come in all stressed out..but the goal is, that you will leave feeling relieved, relaxed, and hopefully with a positive reset.


The costs vary, but if you think that a speeding ticket is cheap, or if you get sued for losing your mind at your local Walmart, this might be a better option and might do us all a world of good.

The SMASH IT package is around $90 and allows you and a friend to smash 40 various items for 25 minutes with provided smashing tools, including a baseball bat, golf club, and sledgehammer! Yes! You are also provided with all the safety gear you need and a Bluetooth speaker.  They have a wide variety of packages that vary in smashing times, and items, and all of these rooms need to be booked online.

If you need to get in and start smashing right now, you can also go to their throwing alley, which is on a first come first serve basis. For just $20 you can smash 24 assorted items.

As someone who has lost someone close to them recently, I think this is exactly what I need to do. Smash things and get it out of my system. My boyfriend and I both lost parents this year, and I think it's time we head to Savage and help get the pain out.

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