My wife certainly enjoys her flowers. It seems each year she comes up with a new idea. So, let's take a look at what she's done this year. She does a good job in using old things to make things prettier. I suppose someday I'll be staked to a post in the yard surrounding by petunias.

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    Old Door

    The shadows kind of spoil this picture. I was ready to pitch this old door but she grabbed it and put it to use.

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    Someone gave her this bug pulling a planter. Of course she used it.

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    I'm not sure where we got this old milk house sink. Perhaps it was my dad's?

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    A few months ago while visiting, my sister suffered a heart attack and fell down our basement stairs and died. We filled her childhood wagon with pansies and I keep it on my playhouse deck.

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    What's left of the barn

    It's gonna take more than a few flowers to hide what's left of the old barn that went down this winter.

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    Machine Shed

    I wonder if there's anything my wife wouldn't use for showing off her flowers. We bought a trailer a few years ago with a stock rack. I didn't need the rack but she found a use for it.