COVID has changed the way people celebrate the holidays now, This is a great weekend winter getaway or a holiday celebration staycation. It could also be a couples retreat.

As you can see this property is a year-round rental, but takes on another type of beauty if you rent it in the winter. It's hidden away in the woods with a great view of the lake. It also is updated with the latest in everything.

The property is offered by Simone and Andrew. I like that the couple is involved. They also offer a smaller cabin, but it sounds like they use it too.

This Stunning Northern Minnesota Vacation Rental on Lake Superior Is Like Something From A Postcard

Whether you're looking for a quaint winter family retreat or a cozy snowy romantic getaway, this North Shore cabin is sure to offer a picture-perfect experience.

Good Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Freezer

Cleaning out a freezer is important to the use you get out of it; it can even add tears to the lifecycle of the appliance. Here are some good tips to doing it easy and properly.

Phrases Minnesotans Use That Outsiders Might Not Understand

It's safe to say that probably every part of the country has their own slang words, terms, or language that they use that's commonly understood among members of the community. But - if someone from outside of the area were to hear them, they would either not understand them, or they would misinterpret the meaning that the words have in that particular geographic region. It's no different in Minnesota. Minnesotans have some 'vague' terms that might be open to interpretation from others outside of the state, but have very definitive meanings to natives.

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