This is a followup to a post from last Friday in regards to the Steele County Humane Societies mission to Texas. With the devastation in Texas due to Harvey not only humans but also animal lives have been affected. Many pets have been separated from their owners. The plan is to take in the strays and house them in animal shelters until their owners can be found. Before that can happen however, space needs to be cleared out at the shelters in Houston. That's where the Steele County Humane Society jumped in with other Humane Societies from around the country.

After the appeal was made for foster homes for Texas dogs, Kathy of the Steele County Humane Society informed me that 40 people offered to open their homes to dogs. Many more offered food. The first 5 dogs arrived Monday night to Owatonna with the rest gradually finding their way up here to new foster homes and hopefully a permanent home in the very near future.

These are true southern dogs. If you've ever wanted to have a dog that stops barking when you say the words Hush Puppy, here's your chance as these canines have heard these words many times before.

To find out more call (507)-451-4512.

You can also go to the Humane Society Facebook page or the  Steele County Humane Society web page.

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