If you haven't heard, there's a new Taco Bell Defy in Brooklynn Park, MN. It's Taco Bells’ style of a vertical restaurant. This two-story restaurant has four drive-through lanes for customers to digitally order their food and have it brought down to them in a tube.

Now that this restaurant is open, many people are excited about it and have gone crazy on the internet trying to give this restaurant the attention it deserves.

Kare 11 morning news broadcaster, Jennifer Austin, talked about it on TikTok. What is very interesting to note is how she brought up the frenzy of the new restaurant. In her video, she states: “Here’s how Sunny D managed to upset the entire state of Minnesota”

What happened was Taco Bell tweeted on June 6th announcing the new Taco Bell Defy and all its new features. However, the official Sunny D account replied to the tweet saying “this is incredible what’s it doing in Minnesota”

In Austin’s video, she begins to go over many replies to Sunny D’s comment, and a lot of people clapped back, giving their own opinions on Sunny D.

One user tweeted “ ‘this is incredible’ things never said by anyone drinking sunny d” while another user tweeted “did you get the attention you were looking for, @sunnydelight? Guessing it’s the most anyone’s talked about you since the 1990’s”

One user stated “sunny D is that rush of saliva you get right before you vomit” for then another user to reply stating “I respectfully disagree… it tastes much more like dry heaves”

Here is Austin’s video:

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