Survivor.  When someone mentions this show I am actually shocked that it's going on season 44.  This is crazy. And what's even crazier is the fact that I haven't watched an entire season of Survivor since the original with the "naked man" who actually won the whole thing.

This year might be worth watching again.  The cast was announced and there are 3 people competing who are all from Minnesota, originally.  All three of them are female. So I'm hoping one of them wins.  I always like to see strong women in these types of shows, even though I have only watched bits and pieces of it, other than the original season, over the last 20 years.

The three contestants from Minnesota are:

Frannie Marin. She's 23 and originally from St. Paul. She currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and works as a Research Coordinator.

Sarah Wade is 27 and is originally from Rochester, MN.  She currently lives in Chicago and works as a Management Consultant.

And finally, Carolyn Wiger.  She is 35 and is originally from North St. Paul.  She currently lives in Hugo, Minnesota.  So she still lives here, and works as a Drug Counselor.

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This season will be set on the islands of Fiji.  The cast will be divided into 3 tribes and will compete with mental and physical challenges while trying to also for a great social game to "Survive" until the end where there is $1 Million dollar prize.

Could you do it?  I personally think I could do this until the eating challenges.  They eat some pretty gross things that they have to keep down or lose the challenge.  I would be out right there... for sure!

Anyway, good luck to these contestants, especially the three from Minnesota.  Survivor 44 premieres on March 1 on CBS.

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