Memorial weekend is the unofficial start to Summer in Minnesota.  And we all try to pack as much as we possibly can over the 3-4 months of warm weather.

The Minnesota state fair, otherwise known as the Great Minnesota Get Together happens every year (unless there's a pandemic) for the 12 days leading up to and including Labor Day. Which is also the unofficial end of Summer.

If those 12 days of the fair aren't enough for you, Memorial weekend (May 25-28) is the  "Kickoff to Summer at the Fair".  What exactly does that mean?  It means all sorts of fair food.  Food that you normally enjoy only during the 12 days of the fair.

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This event started during the pandemic, and they have carried on the tradition and now is coming up to the third annual event.  What does this actually entail?  If you check out the Minnesota State Fair website they give you a great description.

Enjoy a slice of the fair! Get together with family and friends, savor State Fair food favorites at 30+ vendors, raise a glass to a bright summer ahead, tap your toes to live music on three stages, enjoy activities and attractions for the whole family, shop 20+ specialty Minnesota merchants, and so much more! This is the ultimate way to kick back and relax at the iconic State Fairgrounds! Plus, there’s free parking!

And they have added a 5K this year too.  Plus they talk about some other activities that will also be coming soon.  This is NOT an all day event each day, either.  So the the attendance is limited to Thursday and Friday from 4-9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Tickets are on sale now for $10. They are available through the fair's website.  

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