I'm all for haunted houses in October, at least the fake ones anyway. You know, the ones with human actors and fake props. I, on the other hand, deeply fear anything that's 'truly haunted.' I've watched too many horror movies for that lifestyle.

But that may be just me.

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So, if you're a ghost hunter or adrenaline seeker, test your courage and stay at one or all of these spooky, haunted Minnesota hotels scattered throughout the state. Fingers crossed, you'll make it through the night and live to tell the tale!

Now, I've never visited these places (for obvious reasons), but the ghostly stories are vast and numerous. However, it's up to you to determine the genuine hauntedness of these hotels.

Test Your Bravery By Staying In One Of These 8 Minnesota Haunted Hotels

Halloween is nearly upon us, and if you're looking for a real fright, check into one of these haunted Minnesota hotels. I wish you the best of luck and suggest you bring a buddy because I'll be way too scared to save you.

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