I, like most of you, am just tired and devastated about the whole fiasco that has been buying tickets for Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour.

I could go on about my personal story of not getting tickets after trying for 12 hours, but your stories are probably the same. And about 4 hours ago, Ticket master tweeted that the public sale for tickets to the Eras Tour has been canceled.

So, in devastation, anger, hurt, and infuriation many, many people went to Twitter to voice their opinions. While I do agree with what everyone is saying, nothing helps me more than dark-humored tweets regarding instances like this.

So I thought I’d share the funny tweets people have posted to the internet regarding this event.

The ones that really get me the most include some sort of meme! I mean you can't go wrong with memes from the early 2000's:

Other ones that get me are ones that have to do with aging or time or something:

Here are other ones that just got me:

All in all I will say the ones that go me the most are these (in a non-funny way):

I hope this brought back a little joy and a few laughs into your life today. And also to bring the fact that its cool to see that even when things like this come about, many people ban together to talk about it on a social media app. Anyways wish the best for all of us and hopefully we will all get a chance to see Taylor.

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