As the dynamics of the Big Ten continue to evolve, the league has lined up the Minnesota Golden Gophers football opponents for the next five seasons.

As we've heard, the Big Ten footfall conference is growing again, to 16 teams in 2024, and 18 teams in 2025. USC and UCLA will be new conference members next season, followed by Oregon and Washington the following year.

Beginning this upcoming season, the Big Ten is also eliminating the East and West divisions. The top two teams in the standings at the end of the regular season will play for the conference championship.

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While specific dates for most of the games remain unannounced, we do know who will be the home opponents at Huntington Bank Stadium, and who the Gophers will face on the road.


Home: North Carolina, Rhode Island, Nevada, Iowa, Maryland, Penn State, USC

Away: Illinois, Michigan, Rutgers, UCLA, Wisconsin


Home: Buffalo, Bowling Green, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers, Wisconsin

Away: California, Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oregon


Home: Eastern Illinois, Mississippi State, Akron, Iowa, Michigan, Northwestern, UCLA

Away: Indiana, Penn State, Purdue, Washington, Wisconsin


Home: San Jose State, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Washington, Wisconsin

Away: Mississippi State, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, USC


Home: North Dakota, California, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, Oregon

Away: Michigan State, Ohio State, Rutgers, UCLA, Wisconsin

The Golden Gophers still need to add one additional non-conference game to their schedules in both the 2027 and 2028 seasons.

These schedules look insanely difficult. Things certainly will not be getting any easier for the Gophers with the addition of the Trojans, Bruins, Ducks, and Huskies to the conference lineup.

Ski U Mah! Row the Boat! Go Gophers!

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