The State of Minnesota is getting a new state flag. The original design is said by some to be racist and outdated, so they're making a change.

A State Emblems Redesign Commission was established in the 2023 legislative session to develop and adopt a new design for the official state seal and a new design for the official state flag no later than January 1, 2024.

Minnesotans were invited to submit designs for both a new state flag and a new state seal, and the deadline to turn in suggestions has passed.

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Now the State of Minnesota is letting us all take a peek at what was turned in. About 85% of the submissions were for a new flag, and 15% for a new state seal.

You can see all of the qualifying submissions HERE. Some are fantastic, and some are, well, not as fantastic. 😁

Later this month, the Commission will select five submissions for each the new state seal and state flag. The Commission will select one design (or a modified version) to be utilized as the basis for each emblem.

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