And the answer is Lemond. According to data from the American Community Survey from 2011-15. The results are found on the U.S. Census web site. The median income for the residents of Lemond township is $76,136. On the other send of the spectrum is Medford township with a median income of $48,500. Medford also has the youngest median age, that being 35.1 years of age. Does the younger age have something to do with the lower income? Maybe, but Merton township is second youngest at 35.9 years of age yet their median income is $73,750. Here's the bigger key I believe, education. Residents in Medford township with a high school diploma and further education shows just 80.5% having such compared to 90.6% in Merton township. It's important to keep in mind that many residents went to school in other areas of the state and country and are transplants.

Here's a look at the other townships with the first number being the median income and the second number the median age of the residents.

Aurora $64,904  48.7

Berlin $69,844  46.1

Blooming Prairie  $65,000 44.6

Clinton Falls $72,750  48.7

Deerfield $71,458  41.3

Havana $60,208  44.5

Lemond $76,136  42.6

Medford $48,500  35.1

Meriden $60,893  39

Merton $73,750 35.9

Owatonna $59,500 48.8 (oldest)

Somerset $61,667 47.3

Summit $75,357 45.8

Check the site out for other date on Steele County townships including number of businesses, foreign born etc.

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