Do you and your family or friends ever have a gingerbread house competition? Do you just use the stuff given in boxes or do you take it to the extreme? Well apparently, there are many people who take it to the extreme and I am here for it!

After a gingerbread house competition, TikTok snuck up on my “For You Page” I suddenly remembered that this is a favorite holiday thing to do and many people do many things to elevate the competition each year! As someone whose family does not part take in this activity, it is very fun to see what people can think of!

First, there are those who grab those kits you see at Target and Walmart and see who can create the best house! Of course, the number one thing people do in these types of competition is to use any food item they can!

As someone who has never done this before it does weird me out when people use things like saltine crackers, Wheaties, cereal, goldfish, etc… but hey in my eyes as long as it’s edible I’d say it’s a winner! I however very much favor candy-only ones!

Then there are families and friends who go above and beyond the classic house style! Some may use the same pieces or some may use different foods to build their desired buildings. These are always fun to see!

But wait! Wanna up it another level? There are some people who not only used anything edible but make their own gingerbread and cut pieces into specific shapes to build the structure they want! I mean my mind is blown every time! some people make glass windows by melting candy and baking it in.. I mean the things you can google and try, just wow!

I swear every video or picture of gingerbread house competitions I see I am just amazed at what people can do with food! and even when people add non edible elements!

So hey! If you wanna try something fun with friends or create a new tradition with your family, try having a gingerbread house competition! Or if you do, up the antics more and send us your final structures to our Facebook page.

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