If you're looking for a really unique attraction to check out in Minnesota, you may want to consider heading to Minneapolis and checking out a place called Quantum Mirror. It's a limited-time art installation at a place called REM5.

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Ok first let's talk about REM5. It's a place where you can basically go experience virtual reality (VR). Only in Your State says you can check out nature in VR or you could do something a little more interactive like a VR game. And within REM5 is where you'll find Quantum Mirror.

Quantum Mirror is this bizarre, mirror-filled area. There's trippy-looking art, lights, and lots and lots of mirrors. Only in Your State described it as being like a maze and "you won't know which way is up." That sounds a little too crazy for me but the pictures also look really cool. It makes me want to see it for myself. Take a look at these pictures!

If you would like to check it out like I mentioned it's only around for a limited time. Tickets also must be purchased in advance. They're $25 per person for a 25-minute visit to Quantum Mirror.

You can also take a look at this little teaser video of the Quantum Mirror experience.

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