Flushing a tick in the toilet will not kill them, most people take the tick off with a paper towel and flush it, ticks can live for 30 days in water.

Let's start at the beginning. You should check for ticks in pets and people. They can hide a lot easier on pets but can find a warm hiding place on people. Make sure you check everywhere, especially hair. PetMD says when checking your pets or hair on a person, you should use your hands and eyes. Feel around for the tick and find it.

Tick Repellent says that ticks don't bite you they stab you. So, that is a clue how to get the tick out. In order to get a tick out, you need the right tool because a tick has barbs on them so you need special removal tools. A tweezer or there is a new tool that works well with pets and people called a tick twister hook.

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Tick Repellant says get close to the skin, grab the tick with the tool, and put it out vertically. Pull it in an upward direction. When you have the tick out, put it on a paper towel or napkin, (or toilet paper).

NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Tick Repellant says you either drown it in alcohol or methylated spirit or keep them in the paper towel or napkin and burn them. The best thing to do is burn them. You can also chop them in half, but don't touch them because you could still get eggs released on you. Or you can spray permethrin or insecticide onto them.

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