Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so if you wanna get your partner (or friends) something pretty and sweet, head on over to this Minneapolis bar, however its not the bar you are thinking of.

In Minneapolis, there’s a local shop called Flower Bar, yes Flower Bar, and they are exactly that: a flower bar!

Flower Bar, located at 2736 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, is a “new floral concept inviting everyone to come and experience the joy of creating your very own floral arrangement right in [their] store.” They are a newer store that first opened their doors this past September.

Flower Bar is a beautiful little shop that has a floral arrangement station complete with everything you need to create a personal floral masterpiece! In addition, they have a large selection of other wonderful and chic gift ideas for every age group and gender. This includes things like Candles & Cosmetics, Cookware, Throw Pillows & Blankets, and more!

What is cool about Flower Bar is you can bring your own vase or purchase one in-store, pick your stems, and put your own floral arrangement together, or “get the help of one of our in-store specialists to create perfection,” as noted from the shops About Us page. When ready, you can wrap your own or they will wrap your gift (any gift) for you and send you on your merry way!

Honestly, this is so cute! I saw a TikTok about this shop and I have been thinking about it ever since.

Flower Bar also just announced that you can book a private event in-store or at your home or office for floral arrangement classes, which is so wonderful.

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You can shop for pre-made floral arrangements as well! Whether that is online or in-store, they have many options already picked out if it seems overwhelming. Their online store also includes all their other products such as Baby stuff, Books, Candles & Cosmetics, Cookware, Décor, Planters, Throw Pillows & Blankets, and Vases.

So hey, if you are looking for a cute date idea, an activity to do with a friend, or just a place to check out on your own, head on over to Flower Bar!

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