So, am I the first person to attempt to take a selfie of one's knee? The legs are ugly enough, but add this strange tape and it's all the more worse. But I don't care because this seems at least to alleviate my knee pain.

Here we go. In May I woke up with a stiff knee. The knee then ached more each day and got more stiff and it began to swell. Off to the doctor where I was told I have bursitis, moderate to severe arthritis and with irritated bursa sacs. The knee was drained and then I received a cortisone shot and over a period of a week or so it returned to normal. I was also told that like mother, like son I'm aligning myself in the future knee replacement line. There is no reason to offer for this flareup.

Then last week I woke up with the same symptoms in my other knee. I had worked rather hard tearing my barn down the previous day and suspect this is what caused the flare up. Rather than go through the whole above process along with expense from the aforementioned knee, I started a diligent program of icing and elevation. Relief came slowly. Very slowly.

Enter my daughter, Hannah. Though she works as a florist, she has an avid interest in her horses along with horse massage. She offered up some of the oils for my knee that she uses on her horses. I'm a bit of a nag so I suppose there wasn't much difference from oiling me than oiling a horse. I can't say I felt any difference. Then one night she pulls out this roll of tape and asks if she can try it on me. Sure, nothing to lose. It's called Rock Tape, which is something I had never heard of before. As she wrapped my knee in it, I couldn't help but think that it's going to be the way it's wrapped that will offer support that will make the difference. Why spend money on Rock Tape when I have plenty of duct tape and electrical tape, I thought?

All I can do is tell you the truth and what happened. I woke up the next morning and the swelling was way down. The stiffness and pain were both drastically reduced. I have to consider that fact that maybe it was just a case of it's about time my knee starts getting better. Yet I'm so surprised by how big of a change I'm experiencing.

I did a little research on this Rock Tape. It claims to be a special type in which it somehow slightly lifts the skin, causing more freedom for muscle movement and blood flow. That makes sense.

Am I sold on Rock Tape? No. But based on how much less pain I now have, I most certainly will highly consider using it during my next joint episode, whatever that may be.

Any of you ever heard of or tried Rock Tape?

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