If there's ever something that doesn't need it's own special day, it's pizza! I mean, every day is Pizza Day in my world.

That said, today (2/9/23) is indeed National Pizza Day. So let's celebrate by taking a look at the Top-10 places to grab a slice or a whole pie in Faribault according to Yelp user reviews.

Thin and crispy, deep-dish, Detroit style, Chicago style, heck; there's even Minnesota style pizza now. And we're not even getting to all the topping options.

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Here are the top ten places in the Faribault area to grab a piping-hot, cheesy pizza according to Yelp user reviews:

  1. Basilleo's Pizza (108 4th Street NW, Faribault)
    • "...the pizza was excellent!"
  2. Carbone's Pizzeria (1525 Division Street West, Faribault)
    • "...I definitely recommend!!!"
  3. Signature Bar & Grill (201 Central Avenue North, Faribault)
    • "...pizza is the best in town."
  4. Godfather's Pizza (328 4th Street NW, Faribault)
    • "...the taco pizza is a go-to."
  5. Pizza Hut (2901 Lavender Parkway, Faribault)
    • "...the pizza was fantastic."
  6. Papa Murphy's (615 North West 4th Street, Faribault)
    • "... hats off to Papa Murphy's Pizza."
  7. Casey's (210 20th Street NW, Faribault)
    • "...very delicious pizza!"
  8. Domino's Pizza (629 4th Street NW, Faribault)
    • "...great quality."
  9. Joe's Sports Cafe (1510 7th Street NW, Faribault)
    • "...have to give these guys 5 stars!!"
  10. Hy-Vee (1920 Grant Street NW, Faribault)
    • "...take it home hot, or take & bake."

I've never met a pizza I didn't like. Dine in, take out, delivery, frozen -- whatever; I love it all. The one thing I've never been able to wrap my head around is the pineapple thing. Lotta people love it -- I'm just not one of them.

BTW: Is there anything better than the corner pieces on a square-cut pizza?

Let us know your favorite place to enjoy a pizza using our station app (I'm always looking for ideas).

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