This is really sad news for fans of one popular ghost hunting show! Destination Fear has been cancelled. Throughout the series, the show has featured a four-person cast and the cool part is all of them are from Minnesota, bringing a new feel to the spooky show than its ghostly counterparts.

The show has been cut from the Travel Channel, bringing a little bit of drama along with it. The cancellation was so shocking that the show was even trending on Twitter Monday morning (March 20th). It looks like the cast was caught off guard, writing that the show was cut "with zero warning and no explanation" by the network.  

The show was on the Travel Channel for four seasons and had nearly fifty episodes with just as many haunted locations featured. The last season premiered at the end of 2022. I even had the chance to talk to the main star of the show, Dakota Laden, in 2021 about the series and his Minnesota upbringing.

There is some good news out of this whole thing: it looks like the cast will stay together and create new projects together, announcing their latest project along with the news of the cancellation. They will continue making the same show with a new name, titled Project Fear now.

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The show was created start to finish by the four-person cast and for this reason, they say they are able to continue creating the exact same show in the exact same way. The only difference is that it will not air and will not be funded by the Travel Channel.

For this reason, they have started a campaign to raise money to continue creating the show. Their initial goal was $65,000 but in the short time that the campaign launched, numbers are in the six-figure range.

Dakota took to social media to share news of the cancellation and went in-depth about their next project and how it will be bigger and better, especially because it will air entirely on YouTube, meaning no limitations.

Because all of the cast members are from Minnesota, they have definitely made it a point to come to the state for some haunts! They were even in Duluth visiting the Nopeming Sanatorium during season two. It is possible that the come back again, as they will be revisiting some of their old haunts.

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