As the summer is winding down, we all are trying to get the last of our summer activities in before it becomes fall and soon… winter. But don’t worry I have a great idea for you to try! You need to check out this unique half sculpture garden half mini golf course called Big Stone Mini Golf, located in Minnetrista MN.

Not going to lie, I am a big fan of mini golf! It is not only something fun and easy, for all ages, but the creativity that goes into creating courses is absolutely amazing and spectacular to see as it plays out. So when I saw a TikTok of this golf course on my For You Page, I had to write about it and share it with others!

When visiting the website for the course, I am now even more excited to try this place out. Their bio explains that “Big Stone Mini Golf is known for its clever holes and unique sculptures. After a round of mini golf, you are free to enjoy our beautiful Big Stone Sculpture Gardens. The gardens display unique sculptures throughout the grounds of rolling hills, organic gardens, life-size games, picnic areas, ponds, and an open pasture that also serves as home to a variety of grazing animals. Our guests call us the best-hidden gem in the region.” How can you not get excited about that?

As told by the user who created the TikTok I saw, the course was originally created by sculptor Bruce Stillman. He wanted to install a mini golf course in a public park, but after pushback, he decided he would make his own on the new dairy-farm land he bought. The course was then created over the years with a mix of stone, metal, and turf, which blended the sculpture park with mini golf. The course includes amazing holes where you launch your ball over a ramp, go inside an upside-down ship, and there’s even a “river” maze as the last hole for your ball to travel through.

You check more about the 14-hole course, the garden and history out at there hours are 9:30- sunset everyday with adult tickets only costing $12 and kids for $10.

All information is credited to Big Stone Mini Golf’s Website, the TikTok, and Instagram post Provided.

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