Magical… Twinkling and sense defying and straight out of fairy tales.<br />

Tens of thousands of people from Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin have visited the incredibly unique attraction that opened in early January and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. If it's on your bucket list, you'll need to act fast because organizers are closing it down soon.

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Minnesota's Ice Castles Is Closing

You are running out of time to check out one of Minnesota's most unique and popular attractions. If you're looking to create some awesome memories with your kids or want to plan a fun date night you need to get tickets ASAP.

Just forget about every other castle ever, because these ice castles<br />make everything else pale in comparison.<br />-HuffPost

Below you can see more pictures of this amazing attraction which is carved out of ice and features frozen thrones, ice slides, and tunnels.

There are only a handful of 'Ice Castles' attractions in the United States. In Minnesota the winter wonderland is located at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton.

Why Is Ice Castles Closing?

Wisconsin's attraction had to shut down 3 days after it opened which stinks but safety is number one for the team at Ice Castles. Here in Minnesota, we've "enjoyed" colder weather which has allowed the New Brighton to remain open for a couple of months.

Spring is coming and the warmer temps will make it impossible for the Ice Castles to remain open. Don't miss your chance to create some awesome memories and fill your Instagram feed with incredible pictures.

When Is Ice Castles Closing?


Organizers say this magical experience will only be open through next weekend.

Tickets are available to the Long Lake Regional Park location in New Brighton through March 12th.

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