A group of University of Minnesota students are working to raise money for their chef. He fell during the university's winter break and needed surgery to repair his knee. The students who he's influenced over the years are now working to re-pay him.

Leray is the name of the chef, and he's the chef at the Chi Psi fraternity at the University of Minnesota. First of all, I had no idea fraternities had chefs. What a luxury that is when you're a college student. Geez! But the important piece here is that Leray has played a big role in Chi Psi members' lives over the past 8 years that he's been working there.

Unfortunately, like I mentioned, Leray fell and needed surgery, so now the Chi Psi fraternity is hoping to raise money to help pay for his surgery. Sam Carpenter, who is the president of the fraternity, says that Leroy "loves Lodge with all his heart, taking time out of his day to sometimes surprise us with free meals." I would assume that Lodge is the name of the fraternity house.

It sounds like Leray has made a big impact on these students' lives, so I'm hoping that they're able to help him.

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