Spring is in the air in Minnesota (in fact it has been all winter), but nonetheless it's time for Minnesota Twins Spring Training in Fort Myers, Florida -- so let's talk a little baseball.

According to the squad at MinnesotaBets.com, the Minnesota Twins are among the top ten Major League Baseball teams with the most homegrown talent. So what does that mean? Does that mean that the Minnesota Twins have a lot of guys from Minnesota on the team? Despite Matt Wallner being from Forest Lake, the answer is, no.

What the gang at MinnesotaBets.com is referring to is the number of players on the team that were originally drafted or signed as a rookie by the Twins, and developed within their own organization, helping them to grow into the players that they are today.

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They used FanGraphs.com to discover how many players on each Major League team were homegrown on the projected 40-man rosters for the 2024 regular season.

Winning titles is challenging, yet building a perennial championship-contending team with homegrown players presents an even greater hurdle. Nurturing MLB players through an in-house development program is demanding, but it offers the potential for sustained success that leads to championships.

MLB Teams with Most Homegrown Talent

  • #1 - Cleveland Guardians (25 players, 62.5% of projected roster)
  • #2 - Colorado Rockies (24 players, 60% of projected roster)
  • #3 - Houston Astros (23 players, 57.7% of projected roster)
  • T4 - Kansas City Royals (21 players, 52.5% of projected roster)
  • T4 - Los Angeles Angels (21 players, 52.5% of projected roster)
  • #6 - Arizona Diamondbacks (20 players, 50% of projected roster)
  • T7 - Minnesota Twins (19 players, 47.5% of projected roster)
  • T7 - Detroit Tigers (19 players, 47.5% of projected roster)
  • T7 - San Francisco Giants (19 players, 47.5% of projected roster)
  • T10 - Toronto Blue Jays (19 players, 42.5% of projected roster)
  • T10 - Cincinnati Reds (19 players, 42.5% of projected roster)

It's interesting that besides the Chicago White Sox, the entire American League Central Division is on this list.

We'll see how it all shakes out in 2024. The regular season opens on March 28th against the Royals in Kansas City, with the home opener at Target Field on April 4th against the Cleveland Guardians.

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