After taking a summer break, the Veteran's Open Roundtable will resume on Tuesday, September 11. Start time is 7PM with Leigh Paulson describing a World War 2 Infantry experience in Germany. The public is always welcome to attend these roundtable discussions at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Owatonna. Roundtables will be held the second Tuesday night of each month.

Also on the upcoming docket is David Wolf speaking at October's gathering. He'll talk about his 30 year enlistment which lasted from 1983 through 2013. In November, Duel Potter will discuss his duty with the U.S. Coast Guard from 1960-67. The December speaker will be Al Smith who will share the Viet Nam Experience through a series of original pencil drawings. In January, it will be Harley Goff of the U.S. Army who served as a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam.

It's 50 years of Owatonna hockey. Read more here about some of the September festivities.


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