Backyard grilling has come a long way from the days when people only grilled hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs.  These days, people use their grills like a second kitchen appliance - often eschewing the indoor kitchen for most of the season, while hanging out on the deck enjoying each night of the summer.

And why shouldn't we?  Grills themselves have come a long way, too.  The basic square-box charcoal grills from the mid-part of the 1900's quickly evolved over the years;  propane gas grills followed, as did stainless steel options, and more.  These days a new breed of "smart grills" has totally transformed the grilling process and become the new trendy appliance item to have.

Similar to how the grills themselves have evolved and improved over the years, the utensils and techniques have gotten better.  While we once might have just used the same kitchen utensils we used indoors when cooking on a grill, a whole sub-category of kitchen items has been developed, designed to make things easier and with better results.  And with the advent of modern cooking shows and books, many make-do grillers have stepped up their game to elevate the quality of the foods they end up producing.

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So what can you do it "up your game" when it comes to grilling?  With a focus on improving both the equipment, technique, and raw ingredients, you'll be turning out gourmet, high-end food in no time. Here are some suggestions to make your next barbecue cook-out the best one ever.

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