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The NFL says it's looking forward to allowing fans in the stands again for the upcoming 2021 season, but just HOW much does it cost you to be a Minnesota Vikings fan?

The cost of just about everything these days seems to be going up, but just where do the Minnesota Vikings rank when it comes to giving fans the most bang for their buck? That's what this new research from Pickswise tried to figure out. It took a statistical look at which NFL team is the costliest to support, and which teams give their the best value for their money.

To come up with these rankings, Pickswise looked at several different gameday expenses (including ticket price, the cost of buying one hot dog and one beer during the game, the cost of buying one jersey and cap, and accommodations) to see which team's fanbase spends the most, hypothetically speaking, during the season. It then compared those costs to the total amount of touchdowns each team scored during the 2020 season to come up with its best value rankings.

So where do the Vikings rank among the 32 NFL teams? Not too bad, really. They're ranked 9th on the Best Value chart, with fans spending a total cost of $3,105.35 divided by the 55 touchdowns the team scored last year for a cost-per-touchdown rating of $56.46.

Now, over in my home state of Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers were ranked 3rd on the Best Value list, because even though they had a higher cost than the Vikings ($3,214.74 for the Green Bay compared to just $3,105.35 for Minnesota) the Packers scored 11 more touchdowns than the Vikings did last season, giving the Packers a cost-per-touchdown rating of $48.71.

The most expensive team to support, according to Pickswise, is the New York Giants, with a cost-per-touchdown rating of $117.03. The cheapest team-- the one Pickswise says gives fans the most bang for their buck-- is the Buffalo Bills. Their cost-per-touchdown is only $46.19, based on the 60 touchdowns they scored in 2020 and their $2,771.40 yearly cost. You can check out the entire rankings from Pickswise HERE.

Speaking of the Vikings, it was March of 2020 when the team released former first-round pick, cornerback Xavier Rhodes. He ended up being signed by the Indianapolis Colts (and was just resigned for 2021) and needed to sell his home here in Minnesota-- and it's pretty sweet! Keep scrolling to see what his former house looks like.

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