It’s almost February, which means the countdown for Valentine’s Day is here, and soon love will be in the air. However, many of us will be single during the love month and either looking for or shying away from other singles.

If you are looking for other single people, you already know the qualities you might be looking for, but did you know where you are looking matters? I’m not talking about clubs vs. gyms or coffee shops… I’m talking about the state you are living in! Yeah, that does play into factor.

Wallet Hub explains just how this affects you finding the one:

In states with low cost of living, for instance, your income might stretch a lot further, which means cheaper or more frequent dates. That’s an attractive option during this period of high inflation. If you’re more financially stable, though, you might appreciate a state with more attractions to find new experiences for both you and your potential other half. Dating is also a numbers game, so a state with a higher proportion of single adults automatically improves your prospects.

I mean, after reading that it makes sense, right? So now with the thought on all our minds, what are the 2023 best states for singles to live in, and where does Minnesota land?


Wallet Hub compared all 50 states across 30 key indicators of dating-friendliness (including the share of single adults to online-dating opportunities to restaurants per capita) and then gave each state a total score out of 100. Feel free to click here and scroll to the bottom to see the full Method explanation.

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Here are the 2023 top 5 states for singles to live in (with their overall total score):

#1 California (68.03)

#2 New York (67.28)

#3 Florida (65.57)

#4 Texas (63.12)

#5 Pennsylvania (62.25)

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too surprised at this… except Pennsylvania, who would’ve thought! Go Pennsylvania.

Hey, wanna know what’s cool? Wisconsin came in at #9 (57.74)! Whoa! Iowa however, ranked at #34 (45.48).

And where did Minnesota land? Well don’t worry, we did pretty well because Minnesota ranked…

#11 overall! Minnesota ranked #21 for dating opportunities, #5 for dating economics, #18 for romance and fun, and a total score of 56.24! in addition, Minnesota ranks #3 for highest Median Annual Household Income (Adjusted for Cost of Living).

We may not be in the top 10 but hey 11/50 I’ll take that (as someone who is currently single).

And of course, here are the 2023 5 worst states for singles to live in:

#46 Kentucky (38.93)

#47 Wyoming (35.59)

#48 North Dakota (35.58)

#49 Arkansas (35.18)

#50 West Virginia (34.13)

Source: WalletHub

Wallet Hub also includes other stats sharing the 5 best and worst states for certain categories

In Mobile Dating Opportunities our neighbors, Iowa and South Dakota, rank in the worst with Iowa at #47 and South Dakota at #49.

In Restaurants per Capita, South Dakota ranks #47 and North Dakota ranks #49.

And lastly, in Movie Theaters per Capita, Iowa ranks #4, and Minnesota ranks #5. I mean it makes sense because there is not a lot to do during the freezing winter months. *nervous laughter*

Hopefully, this helps reassure your thoughts about finding a date this Valentine’s Day because we are sitting pretty well!

Feel free to check out the rest of the study, as well as Wallet Hub’s Study on the Best & Worst Cities for Singles 2022.

All information is credited to the study from

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