The University of Minnesota, Southern Research and Outreach Center's Winter Crops Days will be next week. The program will be presented in our area on Friday, January 12 at the SROC in Waseca and at a new location, the Heintz Center on Collegeview Drive East in Rochester.

Topics to be addressed include climate changes in Minnesota along with corn production and also weed adaptation in a climate change. Weather effects on disease and insects will also be covered. The morning presentations in Waseca will be given in the afternoon in Rochester and the morning topics in Rochester will be addressed in the afternoon sessions in Waseca.

Registration is at 8:30AM at both locations with sessions running 9-4PM. The $50 cost includes refreshments, lunch and handout materials.

The SROC website as well as your extension office has more information.

For those who like to travel, Winter Crops Day will be held on Thursday, January 11 in Arlington and Lake Crystal.

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