From the sounds of these hotel reviews along with the video that this group of guys did... kind of like an episode of Ghost Hunters, I'm surprised that this hotel doesn't have an arm that comes down upon entering the parking lot.  And I'm surprised it doesn't charge by the hour... just sayin'.

The questions that I have are "what makes this hotel the worst"?  First, let me tell you that it is the EconoLodge located in Jackson, Minnesota. And now, probably because of the horrible reviews, was permanently closed within the last year.

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So, what makes this hotel the worst?  First. upon walking in, there is apparently a gross old, moldy smell. AND there are car air fresheners hanging from various places in the room.  Wow.  Personally, right there I would decide not to stay there.

Next, there was a review stating that there had been some water damage from a flood and they just dried out the place without replacing the beds and furniture.  YUCK!

I used to work for a water restoration company and we did a water loss in this place and the owners kept the water damaged beds and furniture that had mold growing on it. I can safely say STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THAT DUMP AS POSSIBLE

Apparently this hotel used to be fairly nice.  There were wedding receptions held there that were considered to be a success.  It might be what happened when new owners took over...possibly.  Staff shortages, budget shortages, etc.  Whatever the reason, it was permanently closed, and probably for good reason.

Check out this video.  The beginning is a little cheesy, but get through the first couple of minutes, then it's worth the watch.


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