It's been done a bunch of times around Minnesota. Convert old rail lines into trails. 73 times this has been done in Minnesota resulting in 2,104 miles of great trails. 19 more possible conversions are in the works that could result in over 200 more miles of great trail.

According to the Faribault daily news, after the City of Medford received their Community Growth Initiative grant, they put money towards starting their own trail initiative, to create a walking trail between Faribault and Owatonna.

A new trail is being looked at that according to the Faribault Daily news report, as it enters Faribault, the Canadian Pacific line follows along the east side of I-35 up to the southern Faribault exit. There, it turns slightly eastward and past South Central College. It then crosses Division Street West by the Department of Vehicle Services building and past the State Farm Insurance office that was formerly a train depot. As it moves north it goes past Farmer Seed and Nursery crosses Seventh Street Northwest on a trestle bridge and continues just west of North Alexander Park past the outfield fence of Bell Field on its way toward Dundas.

The wheels have been set in motion for Steele and Rice counties to act if Canadian Pacific Railway officially abandons the line. Although it's not a fast process to get the trail done. But could be something great for the future in Faribault.

A walking trail could be the future of the railroad bridge that has been frequently struck by semi trucks on 7th street.

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