If you have been following and reading my posts, you know I love coffee and finding new coffee shops around Minnesota that are truly unique. And I am so excited to visit this one and share it with you!

FRGMNT (Frag-ment) Coffee is a coffee shop that was born in Minnesota in 2019 and just opened its 3rd location about 10 days ago on St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis!

FRGMNT not only has a wonderful menu and beautiful spaces to share with us but when combining that with their motto, FRGMNT shares what it really means to help create community.

FRGMNT’s motto is simple: FRGMNT (frag·ment) - part of the whole: Neighborhood, Industry, Community, World.

On their about page, FRGMNT shares that they were “born out of our love of coffee, excitement over trying new things, and joy in bringing people together. We want to introduce our guests to an ever-changing menu of coffees and accompaniments from partners down the street to across the globe. Our partners are like-minded, tirelessly working to elevate the craft and trying new things.”

I mean isn’t that just beautiful and inspiring? But do you know what else is? Their menu and new location.

At the new location, their menu includes many drink options. For coffee, they have the basics like black coffee, White coffee (comes in a macchiato, cortado, latte, flat white, and cappuccino). The menu also offers syrups for you drink, different espresso tonics, seasonal lattes, and milk alternatives. For tea and other drinks, they have many hot teas, iced tea, matcha options many more! In addition, the new location offers Honey + Rye baked goods and FRGMNT fare grab-and-go foods (which include crafted salads, sandwiches, and snack jars).

What is cool is that FRGMNT’s coffee (as well as chocolate) comes from many different partnerships in the U.S. and all around the world. You can view their partnerships here.

But what is also so beautiful about the new location is the space it is located in. FRGMNT’s new location resides in the Riverplace Main Hall, in the St Anthony Main neighborhood. And it is GORGEOUS!

As a housing and office complex, Riverplace is quite the beauty with its main hall area. Thanks to the large open space and glass ceiling bringing in natural light, this place gives you the best ambiance for a coffee shop. It combines both old architecture and new urban feels and has many different seating spaces perfect for working, socializing with friends, or just enjoying a cup of coffee and scenery. And also, this place is dog friendly! How can it not get better than that? By being able to grow its business in this location, FRGMNT really is showing how they can be a fragment of our lives (get it)!

FRGMNT is open M-F 6:30am-6pm + Sat-Sun 7am-6pm. Parking is available on the street or in the Riverplace Parking Ramp on 2nd St SE. So please go check them out.

All information is credited to FRGMNT’s website and restaurantguru.com for their menu.

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