Do you feel lonely in the city you live in? Or is it just the winter blues? Well, there is actually a survey, which found the loneliest cities in America, and Minnesota made the list. And you will not believe which city it is!

So how do you figure out which cities are the loneliest in each state, or the nation? Well, the reasoning is actually not what you think.

Data was collected by from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, and the methodology behind the data includes the following:

To determine our ranking, we analyzed more than 170 census-defined places with a population of 150,000 or more via the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey. Our analysis looked at the number of one-person households in each city as well as the number of males and females living in one-person households. To determine the average yearly increase, we analyzed 2016-2021 one-person household data. Data from the American Community Survey was not available for 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Data for Augusta, Georgia; Lexington, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky was not available from 2016-2019, so these cities were omitted from the average yearly increase portion of the analysis.

So, in summary, the data determined wasn’t to see how many people in each city are sad or feeling lonely. Nor was it determined by the least populated cities in each state. It was determined by the number of one-person households in each city with 150,000 or more people.

So, what was Minnesota’s loneliest city? Are you ready for this? The loneliest city in Minnesota 2022 is…


With there being 77,689 one-person households in Minneapolis, 20.1% being male and 21.1% being female, that makes 41.2% of Minneapolis “lonely.” That is almost half of Minneapolis!

However, what is crazy to see is that Minneapolis then ranked as #16 out of the 30 loneliest cities in the country! It’s weird that Minneapolis surpassed Chicago, which came in at #24, with only 39.2% being “lonely.” But what is even crazier to me is that Madison Wisconsin came in at #13 with 41.3%, and while that is only .1% more than Minneapolis, the actual number of one-person households in Madison is about 26,000 less! Holy cow!

The top 5 loneliest cities in America include:

  1. Washington D.C
  2. Louis, Missouri
  3. Alexandria Virginia
  4. Richmond, Virginia
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio
Credit to the Chamber of Commerce ( and the data from their survey
Credit to the Chamber of Commerce ( and the data from their survey

Feel free to check out the rest of the data from the survey, including the top cities with the loneliest men, and women, and how the Pandemic affected the number of one-person households.

All information is credited to the survey from

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