The nation experienced a spike in violent crime last year, and sadly, the city of Minneapolis was not immune.

Minneapolis reported 97 homicides in 2021, tying the all-time record set in 1995. 

According to the Star Tribune, "A surge in gun violence in 2021, especially in the city's most diverse and lowest-income neighborhoods, fueled the second straight year of what has become Minneapolis' deadliest period in a generation."

In 2020, the city reported 84 killings, and compared to 2019: the number has doubled. 

These, however, aren't the only alarmingly high numbers. Minneapolis Police Department data confirms more than 600 people have been treated for gunshot wounds in Minneapolis this past year. 

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Minnesota's biggest city isn't alone in this battle. Chicago surpassed 800 homicides this year for the first time in a quarter-century, according to WBEZ, the city's public radio station. 

"This is a national increase," said Ames Grawert, who studies crime data in America as senior counsel for the nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice. "This is not about any single city. This is not about any single policy."

The Star Tribune article explains that the homicide count has increased by 7% in the country's largest cities compared to 2020. Minneapolis has seen a 14% increase.

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