In an earlier post Sports Director Roy Koenig recaps the NRHEG boys track team winning the Gopher Conference for the first time since 1978. You can read about it here.

This got me to thinking about 1978. The seniors on the last team to take the Gopher will probably have their 40th class reunion this summer. My wife would be in college and I'd be getting ready for my second radio job. Yup playing records and doing play by play.

The big music event would have been Saturday Night Fever and all those Bee Gee hits. Murial Humphrey would take her late husband's Hubert's Senate seat. 1978 saw a new product called Velcro make it debut on the market.

New TV shows 40 years ago would have included The Incredible Hulk, Tax and Different Strokes.

Close to home, here's a You tube video of a Blooming Prairie family snowmobiling in 1978.


And Jimmy Carter was President. Long time ago, 1978.

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