Grab your telescope and prepare to see a "Pretty in Pink" strawberry moon next Thursday, June 24th. 

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Now, if you haven't heard of a super moon before, it is an event where the moon appears massive in the night sky. It is so prevalent in the sky because it's the "moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit," according to

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the full moon will reach peak illumination at 2:40 pm Eastern Time. Of course, it won't be visible until it drifts above the horizon.

Check out this Moonrise and Moonset Calculator to determine the best time to view the moon in your area.

June's Full Moon has been named the 'Strawberry Moon' to signify the great abundance of ripening strawberries and blooming flowers that come with June. The name has been used by the Algonquin, Dakota, Ojibwe, and Lakota peoples.

However, the odds are the moon won't actually be pink but more golden-hued.

If you want a bit more information about the 'Strawberry Moon,' check out this video:

This isn't the first super moon of the year, but it will be the last one. The most recent super moons were April's pink moon and May's super flower blood moon.

This year is the first time since 2014 that super moons have shined in three consecutive months.

Hopefully, next Thursday will bring us a clear night so we can marvel at the beauty of the night sky and the gigantic 'strawberry' moon.

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