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Police are often called to investigate a stolen or carjacked vehicle, but in Wisconsin last week, it was a police squad car that was stolen.

It's not all that often that you hear about a police car being stolen, but that's what happened over in Wisconsin last week, and in broad daylight, no less. And it's not the first time the guy accused of stealing the squad has driven off in a police car, either!

Even though I've been a fully naturalized Minnesotan for over 11 years now, I'm a Wisconsin native, so I'll pause right here to you to make up your one 'Only in Wisconsin' joke about this story.

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In this case, it's deserved. Because you've either got to be pretty bold or pretty stupid to think you can just jump in a police squad car as it's sitting along the side of a road during a traffic stop and get away with it, even over in America's Dairyland. Yet that's what just happened in Shorewood, Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee, last week.

This WISN-TV story has the police video that shows the surprised officer looking on as his squad car drives away, all while dealing with the driver of a car he'd pulled over during a traffic stop. The story said the officer left the squad unlocked and running with its emergency lights activated on the side of the road.

"Is that your squad? That's your squad!" another officer can be heard saying in the video as they both watch the now-stolen police cruiser drive away. WQOW-TV reports that the guy behind the wheel, 34-year-old Daniel Barton of Milwaukee, drove the stolen squad for a few blocks before jumping out and trying to hide in a local gym.

And, when Barton stole THIS squad last Tuesday, the story said he was ALREADY facing misdemeanor car theft charges for having stolen a different squad during another traffic stop back in December.

So, yeah, he was promptly arrested ...again... and is now facing even MORE charges for stealing now one, but now two, police cars. Only in Wisconsin, right?

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