When I was a kid, within 10 miles of my parent's house in the cities there were about 10 bowling alleys. People liked the fun, drinks were cheap and the food was usually pretty good and it was a cheap way to have fun. Now I think there are 1 or two left.

Louisville Lanes in Shakopee has announced they will be closing their doors June 7th. General Manager Dick Benson, told the Shakopee Valley News "that it was time and for a variety of reasons."

Benson has worked at the bowling alley for 20 years. It has been open since 1979. Part of the reason it is closing is that to facilitate some improvements to Hwy 169 the Scott County Board is claiming eminent domain on 77 properties along the highway. The $47 million dollar project will only take an acre of the lanes property. Richard Westin owns the business and Benson told the paper that there are other reasons that Westin decided to close. He said it might be because if the fact it will take two years to do the improvements at the 169 intersection with Hwy. 41.

Kids still like bowling from what I have heard and seen. It is sad to see these places close up.


Photo: K Krage
Photo: K Krage


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