While I don’t always love going to the Mall of America, I loved stopping by a couple places that sold sweet treats, one of them being Macaroons by Maddie Lu!

Macaroons by Maddie Lu, which opened in 2018, is just one of the locations for the bakery Something Sweet by Maddie Lu, which makes custom cakes, cupcakes, and desserts. Unfortunately, the Macaroon store at the mall has closed its doors permanently just as the new year rang in.

Maddie Lu, Daughter of the Mother-Daughter duo behind Something Sweet, posted on Facebook after receiving a lot of messages as to why the MOA location has not been open for the past week.

She shares the following:

On December 31st we made the decision to close the doors. Our 5 year lease was up and we couldn’t come to an agreement on the new lease terms that were presented to us. (Relocation and new build-out costs for said new location). The crime and staffing struggles also played a role in this choice.

She ends the post on a happy note though, reminiscing on the journey they have had.

We had a successful 5-year run at the Mall of America!! I remember when we made the choice to open a location there, and it didn’t feel real. My mom and I’s little business that we created and grew from scratch were now taking an extremely huge risk. It paid off and a great 5 years it was.

While this is sad to hear, this doesn’t mean you can’t purchase beautiful and tasty treats from them! Something Sweet has other locations in Duluth, Minneapolis, and Coon Rapids (in Riverdale Village where it all began).

Maddie Lu ends her post by sharing that while the closing is bittersweet, keep in mind that “when one door closes, another door opens.”

All information is credit to Something Sweet's Facebook and Website.

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