As Minnesotans, we all love our state so much! We take so much pride and love in where we live, but have you ever wondered what the best cities to live in, are in Minnesota are?

I was wondering that this afternoon, and in Googling this article came up and you know, I trust it pretty well! Not only that but one of the 20 is a city right in Rice County, can you believe that? So here are the top 20 best cities to live in, in Minnesota according to this article from

  1. Chanhassen

Not too surprised this is up here but surprised it is number 1. But according to the article, this city has a high graduation rate, low crime rate, low unemployment rate, and lots of outdoor and indoor things to do.

  1. Lakeville

Yay, so happy to see one of my home cities is here. My parents recently moved to Lakeville and I spent my college years living here. I can concur that it is a great place to live with really pleasant communities.

  1. Michael

  2. Northfield

Yay! One of our Rice County cities made it! While it is smaller than other cities on this list, the article notes that it is a scenic college town that is really diverse and affordable! Go Northfield!

  1. Victoria

  2. Edina

Oh… I guess

  1. Mendota Heights

  2. Rodgers

  3. Eagan

Yay! My childhood city! Eagan is pretty awesome too! I will say the area that I grew up in wasn’t jaw-dropping gorgeous, but now with up-and-coming business and remodeling, Eagan is looking pretty nice these days!

  1. Waconia

  2. Ham Lake

According to the article from, Ham Lake is one of the safest cities in Minnesota! Go Ham Lake!

  1. Wayzata

  2. Marine on St. Croix in MN

While it’s not a booming city, notes that “nestled on the bluffs between Stillwater and Taylors Falls, this adorable town of about 750 residents offers quiet beauty that city dwellers probably don’t know they are missing.”

  1. Excelsior

  2. Robbinsdale

  3. Monticello

  4. Woodbury

I am not surprised Woodbury made it on here, but I am surprised it is on the lower end. Woodbury has been becoming more and more popular every year, so I would have thought it would be top 5. Oh well, it is pretty nice though.

  1. Eden Prairie

  2. Minnetonka

  3. Plymouth

And finally, Plymouth! notes “Plymouth checks off all of the good stuff when looking for a great place to live. The crime rate is very low. So is the unemployment rate at just 3 percent.” They also share that Plymouth has a wide array of outdoor recreation, shopping places, and places to dine.

How are you feeling about this list? Do you think it should be different? Do you think there are honorable cities missing from the list? Hope this helps in future planning on where to live or travel.

All information is credited to the article from

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