On Friday night a Wisconsin family definitely had a scary experience that didn't end well. A black bear broke into their house while their kids were asleep!

The black bear had been trying to get food from the bird feeder in their backyard, according to Bring Me the News. The husband and wife, who were awake and saw the bear eating from the bird feeder, proceeded to open the window and yell at the bear to go away which caused the bear to get defensive and charge at the house.

The bear ended up breaking through the window and coming into the home, attacking the husband and wife. Taylor County Sheriff Larry Woebbeking says the couple had "'numerous bites and injuries'". During the attack, one of them grabbed a knife and stabbed the bear. Then the husband grabbed a gun and shot and killed the bear.

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources now has the bear and is doing testing. The saddest part is that the bear who was killed was actually a female and had a cub nearby who took off running when she charged the house. So my assumption is that she attacked because she saw the couple as a threat to her cub.

Of course, using a knife or gun is not the most effective way to protect yourself from a bear. The National Park Service says to use bear spray and that using a gun can make the bear more angry and make the attack worse.

Also, if you live somewhere where bears are known to be active, don't put out bird feeders as bears are attracted to the seed.

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