Earlier this week, on Sunday, up in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota (which is next door to Stillwater) a black bear was discovered stuck in a sewer drain. Thanks to some hard work, the bear was able to be rescued.

I feel so bad for the poor thing, he probably was so confused stuck down there! I don't even know how he would have gotten stuck either because the drain was covered by a grate. He must have gotten in some other way.

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The Oak Park Heights Police Department had gotten a call from someone who had found the bear. They shared the information on their Facebook page including where the bear was located so no one came to the area and disrupted the rescue mission.

The Oak Park Heights Police Department, the Minnesota DNR, and the Bayport Fire Department all had a hand in helping rescue this poor bear. It sounds like, from the Facebook post from the police department, that the DNR did the up-close and personal work with the bear and the police department and fire department helped to keep the area clear of people.

Later that day the police department happily updated their Facebook post saying the bear was safely rescued. However, they warned residents to be aware as the bear was probably still in the area at the time and to "keep an eye on pets and bird feeders".

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