I was so surprised to hear that there was a Twin Cities suburb that didn't have a brewery or taproom... until today! Bloomington, Minnesota is getting their first-ever brewery today called Nine Mile Brewing.

Breweries and taprooms are definitely the hot place to go right now. I love going to breweries myself and it seems like they're everywhere nowadays. While residents of Bloomington could easily drive to another town to get some craft beer, it's great they finally have one of their own!

It took quite a bit of work and some delays to get Nine Mile Brewing up and running, though. Bring Me the News says that they had originally planned to open this past fall but obviously that didn't work out. I'm not absolutely certain about this but I would assume it had something to do with the shipping delays everyone is feeling right now.

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But now Nine Mile Brewing is open as of today! And their beers are bound to be good because their brewers include Ilan Klages-Mundt who is one of the founders of Insight Brewing and John Leingang who was the head brewer at Dangerous Man Brewing. Their current beers include a pale ale, lager, IPA, and sour.

Since we're talking about breweries, there are tons of breweries around southeast Minnesota. If you want to make your own brewery tour or you want to check out a new brewery in the area, keep scrolling to check out a list of SE Minnesota breweries!

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