A very popular paranormal YouTuber has shared a story about an encounter with a strange predator in the Voyageurs National Park in Northern, Minnesota. The incident took place in the summer of 2015, but has been just shared now.

Lilith Dread YouTube channel has nearly 80,000 subscribers. She posts stories of paranormal encounters, scary stories, and supernatural things from around the world. The YouTube channel says that she narrates cryptid encounters and scary stories. She also has a website that features this kind of weird stuff. It's worth checking out!

So the story goes that a camper was going up to Voyageurs National Park, located in Northern Minnesota. It's a beautiful park, and very remote. Most of the campsites are boat-in sites. There are also some backcountry campsites that require you to hike.


The camper planned to spend a week in Voyageurs and was working their way with their pack raft for several days to a backcountry site. Along the way, some bizarre things started to happen.

The camper describes several situations where the entire forest went quiet. More than quiet, it was almost like it was frozen. There were no birds, no squirrels, no bugs, and the clouds even appeared to stop moving. People familiar with being in the forest know that sometimes this means a predator is near. The forest animals have a way to alert each other. So, yeah it's kinda creepy.

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What followed the eery quiet was a stench that smelled like death. As the camper describes, "it smelled like the entire forest around me died."

This went on for several days, and then the sighting occurred. The camper saw a pack of wolves swimming across the lake. At first, when I heard this I thought, "wait do wolves really swim?" A quick google search verified that this was true.

Grey wolf in the forest

This is where I kinda get lost in the story. The story goes that an elk was chasing them in the water, but you could only see the antlers at first coming out of the water. Now, we do have a couple of roaming elk herds in Minnesota, but I'm not familiar with any in this region. Could it have been a large deer? A moose? Who knows for sure?

The camper saw the wolves make it to the shore and then bolted off into the woods. The antlered creature in the water came out and looked like it was white, almost transparent, with organs even showing. It was almost a skeleton, and the eyes and the nose had gaping holes. It looked like a weird half-skeleton half-animal. The camper took off in the other direction and never went camping alone again. They also say that they feel like the beast was hunting them the entire trip.

You should listen to the story in the YouTube video and see it for yourself. I appreciate the fact that it's sometimes hard to find the proper image for creating content, but in this case, Voyageurs National Park looks nothing like the stills she uses. Still, it does help set the mood for the remote wilderness.

What do you think? Is this a made-up story? Do you think there could be an explanation for this beast? Maybe it was a sick moose or sick deer. Maybe chronic wasting disease? None of that would explain why the wolves were running from it. It's bizarre and intriguing.

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