For many across the Northland, winter means it's time to plan a vacation into warmer weather. If you can make it happen, it really does help make the time between the coldest days of winter and spring go by faster. Kind of how when you're warm for a while when you first get out of the shower.

As I started planning a spring break trip to warmer weather, I stumbled on a TikTok page that was created by a flight attendant. What struck me was how in less than a minute she provided six very helpful travel tips that everyone could use.

When you check into a hotel, it's always great when your room has a working hotel safe. I always utilize the safe so that I don't lose valuable items, such as a passport. However, my biggest fear is forgetting to check the safe prior to leaving and getting all the way to the airport to realize something crucial was still safely locked away.

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Her solution for that? Simply put one of your travel shoes in the safe along with your valuables. It's hard to walk out with one shoe on and it puts an extra reminder to check the safe into your mind. I like that idea. It could be a shoe, your keys if you drove, or anything that's hard to actually leave without.

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Within the same video are helpful tips such as using a hanger to keep curtains fully closed and placing a shower cap over your shoes to prevent them from getting the clothes in your suitcase dirty. Also, bring another shower cap to cover the room's remote control. I've heard it said that the remote control is a big-time germ spreader and covering it with a shower cap helps protect you.

Anyone traveling should check out her short, but helpful video.

What other travel tips and travel hacks have you found useful? Wherever you plan on traveling, have a great time and enjoy the change in climate!

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