Dinosaurs have returned to the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley, Minnesota, offering dino-fun for the entire family!

The attraction, billed as the "Dino Hideout" opened in 2022 as a preview event, with the zoo promising "an even bigger prehistoric experience" for the spring and summer of 2023.

This new addition builds on the zoo's previous dinosaur offerings including their "Dino Nites" promotion they offered about 10 years ago.

The new experience has been updated from last fall for the 2023 warm weather season, offering a "thrilling walk among incredibly realistic dinosaurs" all set in a natural setting. In addition to the realistic dinosaurs, there are play structures for the kids (and kids at heart) to have some fun and "let your imagination run wild".

Minnesota Zoo on Facebook
Minnesota Zoo on Facebook

In a video shared by the Minnesota Zoo last October, you can see these lifelike dinosaur figures on display in outdoor areas similar to what you might see some of the zoo's animals hanging out inside. No, you can't climb on them, but you sure can get up close!

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Taking a walk among these prehistoric creatures makes for an entertaining part of your visit to the zoo, watching these animatronic creations move and make noise while you walk by.

The Dino Hideout opened for the season on Wednesday, May 24, remaining open as part of the Minnesota Zoo experience through the 2023 season, and expected to close once again in the fall, like it did last year.

The Dino Hideout is one of the activities included with your regular admission to the Minnesota Zoo. It joins a roster of other events and activities included with admission, including the "Farm Babies" event from April 29 through June 4, Llama Trek May 27-September 4, and others.

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