The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has proposed a new 10-year plan on managing the state's deer population. the plan includes a new statewide harvest target of 200,000 deer, increases citizen participation in deer management and outlines ways to keep the population healthy. For example, should an annual harvest be less than 200,000 deer, this would serve as an indication that there's a need for more conservative regulations to rebuild the deer population. A harvest of more than 200,000 deer will suggest that hunting regulations be liberalized to aid in more deer being harvested to reduce the population.

The plan also acknowledge the threat deer feeding represents to whitetails, especially with the spread of chronic wasting disease in southeastern Minnesota. However the plan does not endorse a statewide deer feeding ban.

The DNR will take online public comments on the plan through May 9. There will also be a series of 35 meetings in April where Minnesotans can voice their thoughts. One of those meetings will be Thursday, April 19 at Cabela's in Owatonna running from 6-8PM.

Learn more at the Minnesota DNR  web site.

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