Each week the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office publishes the highlights of the week on their Facebook page...and I share them here with my highlights of the highlights! And, along the way, maybe we all learn something about how hard and sometimes weird the day of Sheriff's Deputy can be.

The Best Of The Week


If I took out "Pine Island" you'd think it happened in Florida!

Pine Island- A driver who previously crashed their vehicle while driving intoxicated went to the tow yard to pick up the vehicle that they had previously crashed. However, when he went to pick up his vehicle, he was intoxicated and drove there to get his vehicle. He was arrested again for DWI.

File These Under...

Under Minnesota Neighbors That Report Too Late

Pine Island- Report of a female banging on doors at 3 am. The reporting party believes the suspect is involved in other illegal activities also. The reporting party was advised to contact us when these things are happening.

What do you want to wager "involved in other illegal activities" means the person said, "I think she's on crack! She must be, why else would she be banging on doors at 3 AM!"

Under Jerk-Head-Crap-Face

Pine Island- Report of illegal dumping at a park. The registered owner of the vehicle involved has been identified.

One of my pet peeves. It doesn't really belong up here in "Best of the Week" except so I can say, "Take it to the dump, JHCF!"

FBI and ICE Use State DMV Databases For Federal Facial Recognition Searches
Random DMV - Getty Images

Under Careful, You Could Start A War...

Florence TWP- Report from someone who sold a vehicle to another person. The person who bought the vehicle did not transfer the title and now the seller is receiving citations from another state involving that vehicle.

The seller contacted the DMV and said they told her to report the vehicle stolen. The seller was advised by a Deputy to fill out the DMV paperwork instead.

Comment of the Week!

Comment taken from the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page...you made me laugh out loud, Lisa...thank you!

attachment-TOP COMMENT no goats

GCSO highlights for the week of 10/26/21 to 11/1/21 Comments in red are mine.

Domestics / Disturbance/ Suspicious/ Other:

  • Cannon Falls TWP- Report of an unknown person in a vehicle parked in someone’s driveway honking the horn at 1 AM.
  • Pine Island- A group of 3 kids threw a bicycle over the walking bridge into the water.
  • Leon TWP- Deputies assisted state patrol with a one-vehicle crash. The vehicle hit a tree and started on fire. All occupants of the vehicle were able to get out before law enforcement arrived.
  • Pine Island TWP- Deputies assisted with a vehicle fire. 3 vehicles were damaged by the fire.
stressed man covering ears, looking up, stop making noise
This stock photo gets a lot of use! SIphotography
  • Pine Island- Noise complaint from an apartment building. Reporting party said another resident in the building is constantly banging around their apartment at all times of the day and night. Additional information provided by another person points to the loud neighbor doing this on purpose to harass the other neighbors. We've all had this neighbor, I think. A pox on his family. 
  • Hay Creek TWP- An anonymous report about an underage party with Marijuana use occurring. Upon investigation, this complaint was found to be unfounded.
    Again with supposing the complaint, "I think theres some kids out there having one of them mar-ih-ja-wanna parties!"


  • Goodhue TWP- Report of fraudulent charges to a store credit card.
  • Florence TWP- Report of a credit card being fraudulently used for a taxi ride.
  • Damage to Property:
  • Pine Island- A windshield was broken out.
  • Pine Island- Report of graffiti in the underpass by the high school.
  • Pine Island- A report of vehicle tires being slashed.
  • Leon TWP- Report of a mailbox that was struck by a vehicle.


License Plate
  • Pine Island- Theft of a license plate.
  • Florence TWP- 2 vehicles were broken into. A purse was taken from one of the vehicles.
  • Vasa TWP- Report of a theft of a Deer Blind that was set up on the victim’s property.
    It was deer...I am almost 100% certain deer aren't as blind as we think they are.
  • Holden TWP- Report of a stolen vehicle. The keys were left in the vehicle. A stolen ATV from another county was left in its place. A suspect has been identified. Do it yourself swap-n-shop?

Animal Complaint:

  • Pine Island- Report of 2 dogs in the median of HWY 52. The dogs were caught and brought to a safe location. 100% chance they were VERY good dogs. Nicely done, deputy.


Gavel, Alcoholic Drink & Car Keys on a Gradated Background - Drinking and Driving Concept.
Andy Dean
  • Zumbrota- A driver was stopped when he blew a stop sign in front of a Deputy. The driver immediately started telling the Deputy that he was going to jail and he had been drinking enough that he needed to go to jail. The driver then began fighting with Deputies when they tried to get him in the squad car.
    • His charges include 4th-degree assault, 3rd Degree DWI, Open container, and more. He's so close to understanding the problem. I mean it in all sincerity that he finds the missing pieces and seeks help.
  • Cannon Falls TWP- A driving complaint about a driver who was swerving and appeared to be falling asleep at the wheel led to State patrol finding the vehicle and arresting the driver. Deputies assisted State patrol in the arrest.
  • Wanamingo TWP- A driving complaint about a vehicle swerving all over and almost hitting vehicles led to State patrol finding the vehicle and arresting the driver. Deputies assisted State patrol in the arrest. No sign of fatigue? Musta've been from Iowa.
  • Red Wing- Deputies assisted RWPD with a DWI arrest. The driver was over twice the legal limit.
  • Welch- A driver was stopped for fog line violations. The driver was found to be impaired and they were arrested.

Traffic Stops:

  • Pine Island- A driver was issued a citation for going 105 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. They were also issued a citation for careless driving.
  • HWY 52- Multiple drivers were issued citations for going 75 MPH + in a 65 MPH zone.
  • Goodhue TWP- A citation was issued to a driver for going 79 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.
  • Pine Island- A vehicle was stopped for defective brake lights and expired temp tag. Deputies saw Marijuana in the center console. A vehicle search led deputies to finding Marijuana, Marijuana wax and an open bottle. Again for the people in the back, when you're ridin' dirty, you should be at least smart enough to make sure your car is tip-top!

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