Dustin Bird creates his own brand of country music. With smooth vocals, traditional instruments and an EDM-inspired beat, he braids country traditionalism with a modern, electronic twist — and never sacrifices one for the other.

In particular, his new song "Cowboy Stay" highlights that crossroad of influences. Fiddle and acoustic guitar dominate the opening of the song, which soon gives way to the well-worn, beloved country trope of a nomadic cowboy who finally finds the kind of relationship that makes him want to settle down.

The lyrics could easily be at home in a Cody Johnson or Parker McCollum song, but that traditionalism gets a twist when the chorus arrives, breaking into an electronic pop beat.

"You could make a cowboy stay / Hang up his hat / Kick off his boots / Never wanna climb back / Up on his horse / And ride it away / 'Cause you've got the love / That can make a cowboy stay," Bird sings, over a catchy, danceable pop track.

The song's music video, premiering exclusively with Taste of Country, offers a similar amalgamation of tastes. Dressed in classic cowboy getup, complete with hat, boots and lasso, Bird performs the song in front of a futuristic, multi-toned pastel backdrop. The song's use of dreamy, surreal color evokes a Kacey Musgraves album scheme, and creates a complex juxtaposition of a gruff cowboy narrative against sweet aesthetics.

But at the heart of it, the song is about love so profound that it makes a person want to change their way of life, the singer notes.

"'Cowboy Stay' speaks to how transformative love can be," Bird explains. "Finding that one person who enters your life with the kind of energy, connection and love that causes a complete transformation in your own identity. Allowing you to see parts of yourself that were either hidden, walled off or previously not a part of your conscious identity. The kind of love so profoundly complete that even the quintessential cowboy would want to hang it all up and stay."

"Cowboy Stay" follows Bird's debut album from 2021, Unscripted, which hit the iTunes Top 10 upon its release.

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