The Minnesota State Patrol reports a large uptick in DWI arrests this past St. Patrick's Day. A St. Patrick's holiday usually results on average 4.2 DWI arrests per hour. This makes it the 4th busiest. For comparison, Labor Day averages 4.6 DWI arrests per hour. A total of 370 motorists were arrested for driving under the influence from Friday evening through early Monday morning. This compares with 175 last year and 189 for St. Patrick's in 2016.

One factor in the large amount this year was the fact St. Patrick's Day fell on a Saturday. For comparison a total of 2,656 arrests were made for DWI from November 22-December 31, 2017. Divide the total by the 40 days for the extra campaign and you wind up with on average 66 arrests per day. Divide this year's 3 day enforcement into the 370 arrests and you get an average of over 120 per day.

You might be lucky you made it home this weekend in Minnesota.


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