Being someone who is usually looking for a great bargain for something that is unique and fun, consignment shops, flea markets, and fairs are great places to find just those things.

The Wadena Flea and Craft Market is one of those places where you can find some really unique and fun things for your home, gifts, holiday garb and more!  But you do need to act fast, as this market is only open for a limited time.

This flea and craft market is open weekends and Labor day through September 25th.  Then they will be closed through the winter until May 1st, generally. This year they delayed their opening until May 7th.  But they are always open every weekend through the summer months including Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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They have very unique things here.  Their website shows a treasure trove of everything from holiday décor to furniture, or antiques and some fabrics to repurpose as you wish.

At Wadena Flea Market, our vendors sell top of the line products at bargain rates. Looking for authentic locally-made and supplied goods? Your wish is our command! We've been very successful for many years — offering residents all throughout Minnesota that chance to take home some of the most unique items.

They have been open since 2006, and have many repeat vendors as well as repeat customers.  Once people find this great market, they keep coming back for their favorite vendors and also discovering new ones each year.

So, next time you are wondering what to do in the coming weekends, make the trek an hour and a half North and check out the flea and craft market in Wadena.

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